Ever since I started school back up in the fall of 2013, I started to lose motivation to workout and eat healthy. Over time, I really started slacking on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I was very easily discouraged when trying to start back up. I decided to talk to Erica about Personal Training sessions and I truly am so happy I made the decision to go see her because she has made a difference in me. She is very motivating and genuinely wants her clients to succeed, feel better, and live a healthier lifestyle. I was afraid of being judged or not doing well when I first started, but Erica is completely non-judgmental and helps you modify workouts to meet your personal level. I enjoy going to every session because I learn many new exercises and I have someone who pushes me to do my best and continue to be better. She also helps by monitoring what I eat which is extremely helpful because it makes such a difference in your results. The best part of my experience with Erica is how much better I look on the outside and feel on the inside! Thank you, Erica!
— Kayla M.
I have been training with Erica a little over a month now and am extremely happy with what I am getting out of our sessions. Erica makes working out fun! We are always doing something different and it makes the time fly by. She is very knowledgeable in fitness as well as eating right. Before working out with Erica I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted, with her help in just a short amount of time I am seeing my body change in ways I didn’t even know I was capable of achieving. She is 100% dedicated to her clients and making sure they get the best. If looking for a trainer I highly recommend Erica, you will be incredibly happy that you did!!
— Erikka M.

Erica Auld is a genius in her career as a personal trainer. Never have I met someone so motivated in helping other people with meeting their fitness and nutrition goals! I had the luxury of first meeting her 2 years ago, and unfortunately was away at school for awhile so did not have much of a chance to train with her. Still, she would text me every now and then to check in on how I was eating and exercising despite being 300 some miles away! Now that that I have moved back to Sacramento I have been training consistently with her on a weekly basis for about 2.5 months now. In that time, I have lost approximately 12 pounds so far, and I have gained so much more confidence and energy! I am very excited to see where I will be in another 3 months as I continue to train with her. You will be doing your body a world of good, and feel more healthier simply by meeting up with her for a training session!
— Kat A.
Where do i begin?! Erica is the most amazing trainer! I’m going on one year and my body has changed tremendously! She definitely works with you every step of the way! Not only is she an amazing trainer she is also a great friend! She listens! So if you are looking for someone to get you motivated and started on a healthier lifestyle, she is it!!!
— Debbie M.